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About Su Embroidery

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Su Embroidery is the first series of Chinese silk embroidery art we wish to bring to your attention. Suzhou or Su silk hand embroidery is one of the oldest embroidery techniques in the world, with origins stretching back more than 3,000 years. Suzhou embroidery was one of the first embroidery styles to be developed in China, but its detailed hand embroidery needlework and intricate images are still used today. It is a style characterized by brightly colored silk embroidered with well-proportioned and uncluttered representations of almost any pastoral scene, person, animal, or object. Some of the oldest pieces of Su embroidery still in existence date back thousands of years.

Su embroidery consists of very detailed silk embroidery representations of almost any subject, embroidered onto silk satin using fine silk thread. The stitching on Su embroidered pieces is done with silk threads that have been divided into as many as 32 threads until the actual thread is almost impossible to see. Through the repetition of stitches a very dense embroidering occurs.

A good piece of Su silk hand embroidery has high artistic value and it will brighten up any space. Besides, with the economic development of China and the number of highly skilled artists practicing the art decreasing, good Su hand embroidery has, and probably will continue to, increase in value over time.