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White Leopard Fine Art,Traditional Chinese Silk Embroidery,White Leopard Animal Embroidery

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White Leopard

Product Details Sun Lijuan Embroidery Home

Product Code : B26

Artist : Sun Lijuan

Size : 19.7"(50cms) high x 13.8"(35cms) wide

Price :     $1,500

Quantity : 0

Quantity Grade : Premium Collection

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About Artwork

A traditional view of a fabled and scarce animal in traditional Chinese silk embroidery, this work shows incredible details of the leopard’s appearance with finely embroidered silk and well chosen color. Aside from its beauty, the work is so lifelike that it seems that you are being stared at as a potential meal. An outstanding example of silk embroidery art to display and hold for its potential investment appreciation.

Artist Profile

Sun Lijung, although at her early 30's, has practiced Su embroidery for over 15 years. Ms. Sun has ably demonstrated her abundant talents in embroidery art and has earned a finereputation among Su embroidery critics and collectors. Sun Lijun recently established her workshop in Suzhou. Her work is especially prized for its life and colour and these qualities make it particularly suitable for home and office display. Her work is still comparatively reasonably priced, though the prices are growing with her reputation.

Notice before your purchase:

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The size represented is the core size of the artworks. Matted size will be increased from 5.9” (15cms) to 9.8” (25cms) each side depending on the size of the artworks. You may contact us (via the Contact Us page or send mail to for your favorite matting size and color.
Framing is available but extra shipment costs will be borne by the customer. Please contact us to discuss your framing preference via the Contact Us page or send mail to Because of transportation cost, we recommend that framing be done close to where the customer lives.
Due to photographic inaccuracy the color of the actual item supplied may differ slightly from the picture shown. In must of the cases, the actual artworks look better than the pictures, as the texture and vivid color cannot be entirely presented by pictures.

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